J.Howell - Talk ft. Kyle Hippy [Official Music Video]

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Talk - New Hot Single. Love, Soul, Hip Hop, and R&B come full circle in this sexy song. Passion, Inspiration, Relevance. J. Howell offers these things and so much more to the music scene. Penning his thoughts to paper has served as therapy.

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J. Howell is what R&B has been waiting for—bringing that classic old school soul with the hip vibes that the 90s R&B/Hip Hop served along with those signature gospel runs. In his latest single, “Talk” he pens his thoughts to paper by revealing how love can take us on a joyous then drastic painful downturn when the love becomes one-sided and filled with blurred lines. He channels love’s emotional rollercoaster effectively with his passionate, seductive yet rugged vocals then Kyle Hippy comes in spitting blazing melodic bars. This is definitely a timeless track!

And this is just a sample of what to expect.
J.Howell’s upcoming project is bound to connect some souls, conceive new life, and create priceless memories for all music lovers.

“Music has been like a double-edged sword for me, but once I allowed my music to guide me instead of me take the lead, I found myself as an artist. I, now, realize that my voice is my talent and my music is my gift to the world. And I plan to invoke change—one soul at a time.” - J. Howell

Got my head in the clouds,
But my feet on the ground,
I’m stuck in my feelings,
Can’t run from my feelings, no
My minds override,
But my heart so deprived,
From holding my feelings,
Is it wrong what I'm feeling?

Let’s Talk about me baby,
And you darlin’
Talk about love
Talk about you baby,
What about me darlin’
What about us,
Talk about Love

Im realizing babe,
And I feel it
Is it wrong for me to get in my head?
Is it wrong for me to wonder what's next?
So lonely babe,
And I miss you,
Can’t even see the scars you left,
Don’t understand the pain I felt,

Talk about me baby,
And you darling,
Talk about love
Let’s talk about you baby,
What about me darling?
What about us,
Talk about love
It go like, Fact is , Loving accidents,
Shifted gash,Tinted past that’s yo back list,
Living lavish, Lowkey average,
On a raft, on the move, back to past shit,
She just, like it,
She just like it, Like the high shit,On a ride shit,
Despite it, she not righteous,
Want the prices, want the highest, I got it
Keesha Roll, I just keep her folded,
Momma know, I can’t keep no hoes,
Call my phone, I know that she going,
Don’t know where she going, She never alone,
We never could roam till visa crashed my life, My bitch she bad to bone,
she just might sell your life, yeah
My second impression wrong,
Might test the roads,
That second guessing zone,
That wisdom gone, it’s gone like

Let’s talk about me baby,
and you darling,
Talk about love, (oh love)
Talk about you baby,
What about me darling
What about us,
Talk about Love

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