Tayá | "Deeper" - A64 (Acoustic) [S10.EP11]: SBTV

We are excited to bring you an exclusive performance by up-and-coming R&B artist Tayá. Check out this incredible acoustic version of her track 'Deeper'. The original version of 'Deeper' is out now and will feature on her debut EP, details of which are expected soon. Keep an eye on this one, we think she's going to be huge!

"I love this song because I think its one every girl can relate to. It's about the typical things a girl thinks when they fall for someone...'what's he thinking' 'why won't he show me'. I think all girls are the same in that respect haha.

It was so fun shooting the acoustic version with SBTV. Singing stripped back to just the piano and guitar definitely helps to get the emotion of the lyrics across.“ - Tayá
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Deeper is produced by Al Shux and Felix Snow.
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